Community Projects:

The main goal of Ysmen movement is directed towards community projects. Various projects are executed at the club level. To name a few projects executed by the clubs are as follows : Building a Shelter for Poor Students, Organizing Free Medical Camps, Blood Donation Camps, Building overhead Water Storage Tanks, Sponsoring School fees for poor students, Donating wheelchairs and Sewing machines, Supporting humanitarian efforts of NGO’s, Building houses for homeless etc. Each club executes separate projects through Y’s Mens club, Y’s Menettes club and Y’s Lings Club. Minor project may cost Rs. 1000. and Major Project may cost any where from Rs. 3000 upwards to several Lakhs. The funds for these projects are generated by each club.

There are also permanent projects which are executed by the clubs where part of the funding comes from the Ysmen International Time of Fast fund (TOF) . Two of the projects are described below.

Vocational Training Institute - TOF Project in Bangalore

This project aims at empowerment of women and the poor families in rural areas through tailoring classes . The projects are getting executed in villages around Bangalore like Hoskote, Shivanapura, Devanahalli, Siddlegatta and Hennur.

Marginalized Women and girls from families afflicted by diseases such as TB, Leprosy, HIV etc are selected to undergo training in tailoring and embroidery. So far more than 120 women have successfully completed the training and have found employment in garment factories or tailoring shops, some of them even got self employed. The current infrastructure includes 59 tailoring machines both pedal and motorized, and other related equipment and accessories. The first project was inaugurated in Jan 2003 in Hoskote by Area President Ysm John Varghese.

The project is managed by the Ysmen club of Indiranagar together with funding received from Ysmen International TOF fund. So far Rs. 4,89,000 has been received from the TOF fund.

Blind Rehabilitation Centre -.TOF Project Virudhunagar

Blind Rehabilitation Centre is a permanent project of Ysmen Club of Virudhunagar. This is a residential programme where Blind women are provided vocational training in plastic wire basket making, caning of chair and making of Scented phenyl, incense sticks, Candle, soap powder, and greeting cards. More than 80 girls have completed the training and have become economically independent. The centre also assisted 10 of the women to get married and 5 to get government jobs.

The project started in the year 1995 through contributions from Ysmen and general public. Later the TOF fund assisted with an amount of Rs. 6 Lakhs.